Monday, May 8, 2017

Going "Above and Beyond" to Help Our Families

At a recent RIHousing Board of Commissioners meeting, Nancy Boyd and Anne Reynolds were presented with "Above and Beyond" awards for their service to residents. 

This past summer Broadway Plaza, a development in Providence, had a gas line issue that resulted in residents being unable to cook for a week or more. Nancy, RIHousing's Leased Housing and Rental Services Officer, and Anne, the property manager, went above and beyond in their concern for the tenants. Nancy knew it was shortly after the first of the month, when many residents would have just stocked up on groceries and would have little to no money left to buy additional food or go out to eat. 

Nancy and Anne joined forces to mitigate the impact. Initially, they provided an on-site food truck for several days. However, Anne was both moved by the situation and enjoyed reconnecting with many of her residents, so she also scheduled a family pizza party for the development. In addition, she purchased individual electric burners for all 24 units, allowing tenants to cook on their own for the remainder of the gas outage.

RIHousing thanks Nancy and Anne for their compassion and dedication.